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The Circle Way

The Circle Way is a model of group process. 
Through the principles and practices of The Circle Way, your group will…

...find joy in gathering
...cultivate tools for shared leadership
...align your goals/strategies in time for reflection and celebration
...practice intentional speaking and active-listening
...create meaningful gatherings and participatory group processes
...strengthen inter-personal skills
...develop a forum for sharing each person’s unique gifts, skills, and abilities

With 18 years of experience in community-based work, with a focus on asset-based community development and circle practices, Linnea brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She has created various strategic partnerships and community-building initiatives at the community level, as well as collaborations with large institutions and government entities. Her grounding, calming, and uplifting energy will guide you in a joyful learning process.

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We offer: ​

  • Customized workshops on The Circle Way, and other supportive group process tools

  • Corporate and non-profit retreats

  • Coaching and consulting to further integrate the practices into your culture

  • Additional supportive practices catered to the needs of your group

The Benefits:

  • Find joy in creating purposeful gatherings and meetings

  • Learn strategies to overcome obstacles

  • Cultivate tools for shared leadership

  • Bring all voices to the table (collective decision-making)

  • Develop an empathetic workplace

  • Build emotional and relational intelligence

  • Practice intentional speaking and active-listening

  • Inspire the capacity to do good work together

  • Emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Use the practices of The Circle Way to complement your strategic planning, capacity building, collaboration and culture-shifting 

The Circle Way with Whole Root Wonder

The Circle Way with Whole Root Wonder

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