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Whole Root Wonder

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Cultivate delight, harmony, and well-being through...

 Yoga & Meditation

Food-gardening & Permaculture

The Circle Way


Would you like to...

...fiercely care for yourself and infuse your life with intention?

...cultivate self-compassion?

...improve your quality of movement?

...reduce stress?

...soothe your spirit?

...enhance your overall health with therapeutic yoga practices?


Do you dream of...

...growing your own food?

...nourishing your body, mind, and spirit from your own soil?

...tasting a tomato like you’ve never tasted before?

...preparing creative meals for yourself?

...learning how to make gardening simple and joy-filled?


 Want your community to...


...find joy in creating purposeful gatherings?

...learn tools to overcome obstacles?

...cultivate tools for shared leadership?

...practice intentional speaking and active-listening?

...ignite the capacity to do good work together?


Who is Linnea?


Linnea Bjorkman (pronounced

Lin NAY uh) (pronouns: she/they/ella/elle) is an ever-evolving human. I’m curious, kind, do my best, smile often, cry often, make mistakes, and need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. I'm queer, bilingual (Spanish/English), and a Colorado Native. I've been told I am heartful

and possess a gentle wisdom.


Whole Root Wonder is my small business. I support individuals and communities who are looking to deepen their experience of delight, harmony and well-being through virtual and in-person experiences. 

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